Nursing Sister (Episode 3835)
Nursing Sister
Occupation ICU Nurse
First appearance 27th March 1995
Number of appearances 1
Played by Jo-Anne Knowles

The unnamed Nursing Sister worked within the Intensive Care Unit of Weatherfield General and was on duty in March 1995 shortly after Tracy Barlow had been admitted following the consumption of a bad Ecstasy tablet. Tracy's flatmate Lorraine Baker had initially dropped Tracy off at the hospital, and turned up the next day to bring flowers and inquired about her friend's condition. Overhearing the conversation with the nursing sister, Ken Barlow launched a verbal attack on her but the nurse was quick to intervene and advised them that the hospital was not a suitable place for an argument. Seconds later, a surprised Ken ushered Deirdre Rachid in to see Tracy as his ex-wife had managed to get a flight back from Morocco.

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