Obstetrician 5771
First appearance 31st May 2004
Last appearance 31st May 2004
Number of appearances 2
Played by Hilary Greatorex

In May 2004, the stress of finding out that Todd Grimshaw, fiancé and father of her baby, brought on Sarah Platt's labour three months early. She was rushed into Weatherfield General. She was quickly examined and internal bleeding from the placenta was suspected leading to an Obstetrician being summoned. She discovered that the placenta had ruptured and Sarah was rushed into surgery for an emergency caesarian. She later reported that Sarah was coming round from the anaesthetic and was being moved to a High Dependency Unit where they could keep an eye on her. The baby though was very premature and the next twenty-four hours were crucial. However Billy Platt proved to be too weak and he died a day or so later.

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