Old Crone (Episode 6208)
Old Crone
First appearance 16th January 2006
Number of appearances 1
Played by Enid Dunn

When Jack and Vera Duckworth attended Hilary Sanders's art exhibition at Weatherfield Gallery for the unveiling of their portrait in January 2006, Jack was horrified to discover that another room within the gallery was wholly devoted to nude artwork of himself. In need of the money, Jack had agreed the previous month to do the work for Hilary - on condition that wife Vera didn't find out.

Trying desperately to keep Vera away from the pictures in question, Jack thought he'd been let off the hook until an Elderly Lady stopped to talk to Vera on her way back from the ladies'. Revealing that she'd enjoyed "doing Jack" as he'd got lovely skin (and plenty of it), her only criticism was that he fell asleep on the job and as soon as he'd taken his clothes off he was out like a light! After pointing out her painting behind Vera - next to the full frontal - an enraged Vera took the offending picture back to the gathering in the main room and hit her husband over the head with it.

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