Old Lady 23
Old Lady
Residence Pleasant View
First appearance 1st March 1961
Number of appearances 1
Played by Totti Truman Taylor

The unnamed Old Lady was at Weatherfield Town Hall when Ena Sharples went there to complain in March 1961. The cause of her ire was the low gas pressure which she and the other residents of Coronation Street had been noticing for some weeks. The Old Lady was confused about where she needed to get to and came into the Meter Enquiries office when she wanted to pay her water rates. Ena told her to go back to the main hall containing the big statues and take the lift to the second floor. She insisted on looking at the lady's demand for her house in Pleasant View and told her she was being over-charged and to make sure she challenged the bill before she paid it. The taken-aback lady promised to do so.

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