Old Woman 568
Old Woman
Children at least one son
First appearance 23rd May 1966
Number of appearances 1
Played by Kitty Attwood

The unnamed Old Woman was the only attendee when Ruth Winter organised an Over 60's Club at the Glad Tidings Mission Hall in May 1966 following a boycott organised by Ena Sharples and Wally Tanner.

Sitting alone on the rows of trestle chairs, she asked Ruth when tea would be served, making an adverse comparison to the number of people that went along to her bingo evenings, even though they had to pay fourpence for a cup of tea there whereas here it was free. She was pleased to hear also that as the sole attendee now, she was entitled to as many biscuits as she could eat.

Afterwards, Ruth sat with her as she told her of how she hadn't seen her eldest son since the 1940s but she spurned any sympathy as she was glad to be shut of him and his lazy and demanding ways. She did admit that he did write regularly to her from his home in the Midlands - or at least every Christmas!

Their chat was interrupted when Ena led in a brigade of her cohorts, wanting to use the hall for a hymn-singing session that the woman joined in with.

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