Olive Rowe
Olive Rowe
Occupation Languages Teacher
First appearance 19th April 1971
Last appearance 28th April 1971
Number of appearances 4
Played by Anne Kristen

Olive Rowe was a languages teacher at Granston Technical College who took a fancy to recently-widowed Ken Barlow. Although he gave her no encouragement, she started to make conversation with him at every opportunity, much to the amusement of Nick Turner, one of the students. Olive also knew Emily Nugent from when she attended one of her classes at night school and she used her and Ernest Bishop as a cover to get to Ken at his home. Suggesting to the two of them that they go out for a meal after meeting in the Rovers for a drink, she engaged Ken in conversation when he came into the pub and insisted on going home with him to No. 3 to read the twins a bedtime story. Emily realised that they'd been used and was short with Olive when she next came into the Camera Shop. Olive told Emily that she was getting older and had to go for what she wanted rather than waiting. Ken was well aware of the situation and in the staff room at the college sat Olive down and politely but firmly put the lonely, sad spinster in her place when he told her that in his eyes no one could replace Val.

List of appearancesEdit


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