Oliver Horsbrugh

Oliver Horsbrugh (1937 - August 2009) directed 100 complete episodes of Coronation Street and the film sequences at Woburn Abbey of a further two more, making 102 in total from October 1972 to January 2004. He was born the son of actors and his first directing work was for Thirty Minute Theatre in 1968. His other credits include The Brothers, Strangers, A Kind of Loving, Juliet Bravo, Crown Court, Bergerac, Take The High Road, Bergerac and Emmerdale for which he won a BAFTA.

Episodes directed by Oliver HorsbrughEdit


1972 (8 episodes)

1973 (10 episodes)

1975 (4 episodes)

1975 (14 episodes)

1977 (10 episodes)

1978 (7 episodes)


1980 (8 episodes)

1982 (2 episodes)

1986 (2 episodes)

1989 (2 episodes)


1990 (14 episodes)

1991 (6 episodes)


2003 (12 episodes)

2004 (3 episodes)

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