Oliver Porter
Oliver Porter
Occupation Marriage guidance mediator
First appearance 28th July 2014
Number of appearances 1
Played by Charlie Kemp

Oliver Porter was a marriage mediator who Nick and Leanne Tilsley saw when their nuptials were hitting the rocks. Both entered mediation with some reluctance and on legal advice and were not in the best frame of mind when they entered Oliver's office.

They told their different stories of the breakdown but started to disagree on the essentials of the cause with Nick blaming Leanne for taking up with Kal Nazir when the strain was on them. Oliver then made the mistake of moving the conversation on to maintenance for Simon Barlow and at that point the session dived into a series of bitter recriminations which ended withNick bringing up Leanne's prostitute past. She exploded and swore to wipe the smile off his face with a court action. With a comment of "bring it on", he stalked out and one of Oliver's less-than successful sessions came to an end.

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