Olivier Madar
Olivier Madar
Occupation Artist
First appearance 25th October 2000
Last appearance 1st November 2000
Number of appearances 2
Played by Philippe de Grossouvre

Olivier Madar was a Parisian artist who earned his income by working as a street artist, drawing caricatures of café customers. Several Street residents were on a visit to France and Olivier drew such a picture of Fred Elliott. Taken with Maxine Peacock's beauty, he asked if he could paint her picture at his studio and, highly flattered, she agreed. Husband Ashley was somewhat jealous but, as always, allowed Maxine her way. What he didn't know until later was that Maxine posed nude for Olivier but he had the last laugh when they collected the painting several days later from Olivier and discovered that he had painted her in the style of a Picasso abstract. Ashley had hysterics while Maxine looked aghast at her supposed likeness.

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