Omar Bemmani was a fellow waiter of Samir Rachid at The Casablanca restaurant where Samir had got himself a job. Omar quickly took to the new arrival and said that he would help Samir to get a better job in the establishment which was run by a Mr Rachid - no relation to Samir, who had cannily used the name to convince the owner that he was a distant relative and persuaded him to give him the position in the first place.

Omar was a somewhat cynical young man, complaining about small tips left by the customers and, although pleased when he first heard the news of Samir’s engagement to Deirdre Barlow, he had a very different opinion when he met the bride-to-be and saw for himself the age difference between the couple. He spoke to Samir in Moroccan, supposedly trying to persuade Samir to change his mind and, acting as best man at the hastily-arranged wedding ceremony, spent the entirety of the service showing quite clearly his disapproval of the nuptials.

Soon afterwards, Samir left The Casablanca for a better-paid job at a Spanish restaurant.

The character was credited as “Osmar Bemmani” on his first appearance.

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