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Episode and original transmission date(s) Repeat date and time
Episode 5186 (1st January 2002)Not repeated
Episode 5187 (1st January 2002)Not repeated
Episode 5188 (2nd January 2002)7th January 1.10pm
Episode 5189 (4th January 2002)8th January 12.45pm
Episode 5190 (6th January 2002)9th January 12.45pm
Episode 5191 (7th January 2002)Not repeated
Episode 5192 (9th January 2002)11th January 1.10pm
Episode 5193 (11th January 2002)14th January 1.10pm
Episode 5194 (13th January 2002)15th January 1.10pm
Episode 5195 (14th January 2002)16th January 1.10pm
Episode 5196 (16th January 2002)18th January 1.10pm
Episode 5197 (18th January 2002)21st January 1.10pm
Episode 5198 (20th January 2002)22nd January 1.10pm
Episode 5199 (21st January 2002)23rd January 1.10pm
Episode 5200 (23rd January 2002)25th January 1.10pm
Episode 5201 (25th January 2002)28th January 1.10pm
Episode 5202 (27th January 2002)29th January 1.10pm
Episode 5203 (28th January 2002)30th January 1.10pm
Episode 5204 (30th January 2002)1st February 1.10pm
Episode 5205 (1st February 2002)4th February 1.10pm
Episode 5206 (3rd February 2002)5th February 1.10pm
Episode 5207 (4th February 2002)6th February 1.10pm
(This was an edited half-hour version of the hour-long episode)
Episode 5209 (6th February 2002)8th February 1.10pm
Episode 5210 (8th February 2002)11th February 1.10pm
Episode 5211 (10th February 2002)12th February 1.10pm
Episode 5212 (11th February 2002)13th February 1.10pm
Episode 5213 (13th February 2002)15th February 1.10pm
Episode 5214 (15th February 2002)18th February 1.10pm
Episode 5215 (17th February 2002)19th February 1.10pm
Episode 5216 (18th February 2002)20th February 1.10pm
Episode 5217 (19th February 2002)22nd February 1.10pm
Episode 5218 (22nd February 2002)25th February 1.10pm
Episode 5219 (24th February 2002)26th February 1.10pm
Episode 5220 (25th February 2002)27th February 1.10pm
Episode 5221 (26th February 2002)1st March 1.10pm
Episode 5222 (1st March 2002)4th March 1.10pm
Episode 5223 (3rd March 2002)5th March 1.10pm
Episode 5224 (4th March 2002)6th March 1.10pm
Episode 5225 (5th March 2002)8th March 1.10pm
Episode 5226 (6th March 2002)Not repeated
Episode 5227 (8th March 2002)11th March 1.10pm
Episode 5228 (10th March 2002)12th March 1.10pm
Episode 5229 (11th March 2002)13th March 1.10pm
Episode 5230 (12th March 2002)15th March 1.10pm
Episode 5231 (15th March 2002)18th March 1.10pm
Episode 5232 (17th March 2002)19th March 1.10pm
Episode 5233 (18th March 2002)20th March 1.10pm
Episode 5234 (19th March 2002)22nd March 1.10pm
Episode 5235 (22nd March 2002)25th March 1.10pm
Episode 5236 (24th March 2002)26th March 1.10pm
Episode 5237 (25th March 2002)27th March 1.10pm
Episode 5238 (27th March 2002)Not repeated
Episode 5239 (29th March 2002)Not repeated
Episode 5240 (31st March 2002)2nd April 1.10pm
Episode 5241 (1st April 2002)3rd April 1.10pm
Episode 5242 (2nd April 2002)5th April 1.10pm
Episode 5243 (5th April 2002)8th April 1.10pm
Episode 5244 (7th April 2002)9th April 1.10pm
Episode 5245 (8th April 2002)10th April 1.10pm
Episode 5246 (9th April 2002)12th April 1.10pm
Episode 5247 (12th April 2002)15th April 1.10pm
Episode 5248 (14th April 2002)16th April 1.10pm
Episode 5249 (15th April 2002)17th April 1.10pm
Episode 5250 (16th April 2002)Not repeated
Episode 5251 (17th April 2002)19th April 1.10pm
Episode 5252 (19th April 2002)22nd April 1.10pm
Episode 5253 (21st April 2002)23rd April 1.10pm
Episode 5254 (22nd April 2002)24th April 1.10pm
Episode 5255 (23rd April 2002)26th April 1.10pm
Episode 5256 (26th April 2002)29th April 1.10pm
Episode 5257 (28th April 2002)30th April 1.10pm
Episode 5258 (29th April 2002)1st May 1.10pm
Episode 5259 (29th April 2002)3rd May 1.10pm
Episode 5260 (3rd May 2002)Not repeated
Episode 5261 (5th May 2002)7th May 1.10pm
Episode 5262 (6th May 2002)8th May 1.10pm
Episode 5263 (8th May 2002)10th May 1.10pm
Episode 5264 (10th May 2002)13th May 1.10pm
Episode 5265 (12th May 2002)14th May 1.10pm
Episode 5266 (13th May 2002)15th May 1.10pm
Episode 5267 (14th May 2002)17th May 1.10pm
Episode 5268 (17th May 2002)20th May 1.10pm
Episode 5269 (19th May 2002)21st May 1.10pm
Episode 5270 (20th May 2002)22nd May 1.10pm
Episode 5271 (22nd May 2002)24th May 1.10pm
Episode 5272 (24th May 2002)27th May 1.10pm
Episode 5273 (26th May 2002)28th May 1.10pm
Episode 5274 (27th May 2002)29th May 1.10pm
Episode 5275 (29th May 2002)Not repeated
Episode 5276 (31st May 2002)Not repeated
Episode 5277 (2nd June 2002)Not repeated
Episode 5278 (3rd June 2002)Not repeated
Episode 5279 (5th June 2002)6th June 1.10pm
Episode 5280 (7th June 2002)Not repeated
Episode 5281 (9th June 2002)Not repeated
Episode 5282 (10th June 2002)Not repeated
Episode 5283 (10th June 2002)Not repeated
Episode 5284 (12th June 2002)Not repeated
Episode 5285 (14th June 2002)17th June 1.10pm
Episode 5286 (16th June 2002)Not repeated
Episode 5287 (17th June 2002)19th June 1.10pm
Episode 5288 (19th June 2002)20th June 1.10pm
Episode 5289 (21st June 2002)24th June 1.10pm
Episode 5290 (23rd June 2002)Not repeated
Episode 5291 (24th June 2002)28th June 1.10pm
Episode 5292 (26th June 2002)Not repeated
Episode 5293 (28th June 2002)1st July 1.10pm
Episode 5294 (30th June 2002)2nd July 1.10pm
Episode 5295 (1st July 2002)3rd July 1.10pm
Episode 5296 (1st July 2002)5th July 1.10pm
Episode 5297 (3rd July 2002)Not repeated
Episode 5298 (5th July 2002) 8th July 1.10pm
Episode 5299 (7th July 2002)9th July 1.10pm
Episode 5300 (8th July 2002)10th July 1.10pm
Episode 5301 (10th July 2002)12th July 1.10pm
Episode 5302 (12th July 2002)15th July 1.00pm
Episode 5303 (14th July 2002)16th July 1.00pm
Episode 5304 (15th July 2002)17th July 1.00pm
Episode 5305 (17th July 2002)19th July 1.10pm
Episode 5306 (19th July 2002)22nd July 1.00pm
Episode 5307 (21st July 2002)23rd July 1.00pm
Episode 5308 (22nd July 2002)24th July 1.00pm
Episode 5309 (26th July 2002)29th July 1.00pm
Episode 5310 (28th July 2002)30th July 1.00pm
Episode 5311 (29th July 2002)31st July 1.00pm
Episode 5312 (31st July 2002)2nd August 1.10pm
Episode 5313 (2nd August 2002)5th August 1.00pm
Episode 5314 (4th August 2002)6th August 1.00pm
Episode 5315 (5th August 2002)7th August 1.00pm
Episode 5316 (7th August 2002)9th August 1.10pm
Episode 5317 (9th August 2002)12th August 1.00pm
Episode 5318 (11th August 2002)13th August 1.00pm
Episode 5319 (12th August 2002)14th August 1.00pm
Episode 5320 (14th August 2002)16th August 1.10pm
Episode 5321 (16th August 2002)19th August 1.00pm
Episode 5322 (18th August 2002)20th August 1.00pm
Episode 5323 (19th August 2002)21st August 1.00pm
Episode 5324 (21st August 2002)23rd August 1.10pm
Episode 5325 (23rd August 2002)Not repeated
Episode 5326 (25th August 2002)27th August 1.00pm
Episode 5327 (26th August 2002)28th August 1.00pm
Episode 5328 (28th August 2002)30th August 1.00pm
Episode 5329 (30th August 2002)2nd September 2.30pm
Episode 5330 (1st September 2002)3rd September 2.30pm
Episode 5331 (2nd September 2002)4th September 2.30pm
Episode 5332 (4th September 2002)6th September 2.30pm
Episode 5333 (6th September 2002)9th September 2.30pm
Episode 5334 (8th September 2002)10th September 2.30pm
Episode 5335 (9th September 2002)Not repeated
Episode 5336 (9th September 2002)Not repeated
Episode 5337 (11th September 2002)12th September 2.30pm
Episode 5338 (13th September 2002)16th September 2.30pm
Episode 5339 (15th September 2002)17th September 2.30pm
Episode 5340 (16th September 2002)18th September 2.30pm
Episode 5341 (16th September 2002)Not repeated
Episode 5342 (18th September 2002)19th September 2.30pm
Episode 5343 (20th September 2002)23rd September 2.30pm
Episode 5344 (22nd September 2002)24th September 2.30pm
Episode 5345 (23rd September 2002)25th September 2.30pm
Episode 5346 (23rd September 2002)Not repeated
Episode 5347 (25th September 2002)26th September 2.30pm
Episode 5348 (27th September 2002)30th September 2.30pm
Episode 5349 (29th September 2002)1st October 2.30pm
Episode 5350 (30th September 2002)Not repeated
Episode 5351 (30th September 2002)2nd October 2.30pm
Episode 5352 (2nd October 2002)3rd October 2.30pm
Episode 5353 (4th October 2002)7th October 2.30pm
Episode 5354 (6th October 2002)8th October 2.30pm
Episode 5355 (7th October 2002)9th October 2.30pm
Episode 5356 (7th October 2002)10th October 2.30pm
Episode 5357 (9th October 2002)14th October 2.30pm
Episode 5358 (11th October 2002)15th October 2.30pm
Episode 5359 (13th October 2002)16th October 2.30pm
Episode 5360 (14th October 2002)17th October 2.30pm
Episode 5361 (14th October 2002)18th October 2.30pm
Episode 5362 (18th October 2002)21st October 2.30pm
Episode 5363 (20th October 2002)22nd October 2.30pm
Episode 5364 (21st October 2002)Not repeated
Episode 5365 (21st October 2002)23rd October 2.30pm
Episode 5366 (23rd October 2002)Not repeated
Episode 5367 (25th October 2002)28th October 2.30pm
Episode 5368 (27th October 2002)29th October 2.30pm
Episode 5369 (28th October 2002)Not repeated
Episode 5370 (28th October 2002)30th October 2.30pm
Episode 5371 (30th October 2002)31st October 2.30pm
Episode 5372 (1st November 2002)4th November 2.30pm
Episode 5373 (3rd November 2002)5th November 2.30pm
Episode 5374 (4th November 2002)Not repeated
Episode 5375 (4th November 2002)6th November 2.30pm
Episode 5376 (6th November 2002)7th November 2.30pm
Episode 5377 (8th November 2002)11th November 2.30pm
Episode 5378 (10th November 2002)12th November 2.30pm
Episode 5379 (11th November 2002)Not repeated
Episode 5380 (11th November 2002)13th November 2.30pm
Episode 5381 (13th November 2002)14th November 2.30pm
Episode 5382 (15th November 2002)18th November 2.30pm
Episode 5383 (17th November 2002)19th November 2.30pm
Episode 5384 (18th November 2002)20th November 2.30pm
Episode 5385 (20th November 2002)21st November 2.30pm
Episode 5386 (22nd November 2002)25th November 2.30pm
Episode 5387 (24th November 2002)26th November 2.30pm
Episode 5388 (25th November 2002)27th November 2.30pm
Episode 5389 (27th November 2002)28th November 2.30pm
Episode 5390 (29th November 2002)2nd December 2.30pm
Episode 5391 (1st December 2002)3rd December 2.30pm
Episode 5392 (2nd December 2002)4th December 2.30pm
Episode 5393 (4th December 2002)5th December 2.30pm
Episode 5394 (6th December 2002)9th December 2.30pm
Episode 5395 (8th December 2002)10th December 2.30pm
Episode 5396 (9th December 2002)Not repeated
Episode 5397 (9th December 2002)11th December 2.30pm
Episode 5398 (11th December 2002)12th December 2.30pm
Episode 5399 (13th December 2002)16th December 2.30pm
Episode 5400 (15th December 2002)17th December 2.30pm
Episode 5401 (16th December 2002)18th December 2.30pm
Episode 5402 (18th December 2002)19th December 2.30pm
Episode 5403 (20th December 2002)Not repeated
Episode 5404 (22nd December 2002)Not repeated
Episode 5405 (23rd December 2002)Not repeated
Episode 5406 (25th December 2002)Not repeated
Episode 5407 (27th December 2002)Not repeated
Episode 5408 (29th December 2002)Not repeated
Episode 5409 (30th December 2002)Not repeated
Omnibus repeats (Grampian Television)

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