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Episode and original transmission date(s) Repeat date and time
Episode 5290 (23rd June 2002)28th June 1.40pm
Episode 5291 (24th June 2002)28th June 2.10pm
Episode 5292 (26th June 2002)28th June 2.40pm
Episode 5293 (28th June 2002)Not repeated
Episode 5294 (30th June 2002)Not repeated
Episode 5295 (1st July 2002)5th July 1.40pm
Episode 5296 (1st July 2002)5th July 2.10pm
Episode 5297 (3rd July 2002)5th July 2.40pm
Episode 5298 (5th July 2002)Not repeated
Episode 5299 (7th July 2002)12th July 1.40pm
Episode 5300 (8th July 2002)12th July 2.10pm
Episode 5301 (10th July 2002)12th July 2.40pm
Episode 5302 (12th July 2002)Not repeated
Episode 5303 (14th July 2002)19th July 1.40pm
Episode 5304 (15th July 2002)19th July 2.10pm
Episode 5305 (17th July 2002)19th July 2.40pm
Episode 5306 (19th July 2002)26th July 1.40pm
Episode 5307 (21st July 2002)26th July 2.10pm
Episode 5308 (22nd July 2002)26th July 2.40pm
Episode 5309 (26th July 2002)Not repeated
Episode 5310 (28th July 2002)2nd August 1.40pm
Episode 5311 (29th July 2002)2nd August 2.40pm
Episode 5312 (31st July 2002)Not repeated
Episode 5313 (2nd August 2002)Not repeated
Episode 5314 (4th August 2002)9th August 1.40pm
Episode 5315 (5th August 2002)9th August 2.10pm
Episode 5316 (7th August 2002)9th August 2.40pm
Episode 5317 (9th August 2002)Not repeated
Episode 5318 (11th August 2002)16th August 1.40pm
Episode 5319 (12th August 2002)16th August 2.10pm
Episode 5320 (14th August 2002)16th August 2.40pm
Episode 5321 (16th August 2002)Not repeated
Episode 5322 (18th August 2002)23rd August 1.40pm
Episode 5323 (19th August 2002)23rd August 2.10pm
Episode 5324 (21st August 2002)23rd August 2.40pm
Episode 5325 (23rd August 2002)Not repeated
Episode 5326 (25th August 2002)30th August 1.40pm
Episode 5327 (26th August 2002)30th August 2.10pm
Episode 5328 (28th August 2002)30th August 2.40pm

Note: Repeats in this region were discontinued at this point.

Omnibus repeats (Television South/Meridian)

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