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Episode and original transmission date(s) Repeat date and time
Episode 3955 (1st January 1996)3rd January 2.50pm
Episode 3956 (3rd January 1996)5th January 2.50pm
Episode 3957 (5th January 1996)8th January 2.50pm
Episode 3958 (8th January 1996)10th January 2.50pm
Episode 3959 (10th January 1996)12th January 2.50pm
Episode 3960 (12th January 1996)15th January 2.50pm
Episode 3961 (15th January 1996)17th January 2.50pm
Episode 3962 (17th January 1996)19th January 2.50pm
Episode 3963 (19th January 1996)22nd January 2.50pm
Episode 3964 (22nd January 1996)24th January 2.50pm
Episode 3965 (24th January 1996)26th January 2.50pm
Episode 3966 (26th January 1996)29th January 2.50pm
Episode 3967 (29th January 1996)Not repeated - Scottish Question Time from Westminster was transmitted in its place.
Episode 3968 (31st January 1996)2nd February 2.50pm
Episode 3969 (2nd February 1996)5th February 2.50pm
Episode 3970 (5th February 1996)7th February 2.50pm
Episode 3971 (7th February 1996)9th February 2.50pm
Episode 3972 (9th February 1996)12th February 2.50pm
Episode 3973 (12th February 1996)14th February 2.50pm
Episode 3974 (14th February 1996)16th February 2.50pm
Episode 3975 (16th February 1996)19th February 2.50pm
Episode 3976 (19th February 1996)21st February 2.50pm
Episode 3977 (21st February 1996)23rd February 2.50pm
Episode 3978 (23rd February 1996)26th February 2.50pm
Episode 3979 (26th February 1996)Not repeated - Scottish Question Time from Westminster was transmitted in its place.
Episode 3980 (28th February 1996)1st March 2.50pm
Episode 3981 (1st March 1996)4th March 2.50pm
Episode 3982 (4th March 1996)6th March 2.50pm
Episode 3983 (6th March 1996)8th March 2.50pm
Episode 3984 (8th March 1996)11th March 2.50pm
Episode 3985 (11th March 1996)13th March 2.50pm
Episode 3986 (13th March 1996)15th March 2.50pm
Episode 3987 (15th March 1996)18th March 2.50pm
Episode 3988 (18th March 1996)20th March 2.50pm
Episode 3989 (20th March 1996)22nd March 2.50pm
Episode 3990 (22nd March 1996)25th March 2.50pm
Episode 3991 (25th March 1996)Not repeated - Scottish Question Time from Westminster was transmitted in its place.
Episode 3992 (27th March 1996)29th March 2.50pm
Episode 3993 (29th March 1996)1st April 2.50pm
Episode 3994 (1st April 1996)3rd April 2.50pm
Episode 3995 (3rd April 1996)Not repeated due to Easter programmes
Episode 3996 (5th April 1996)Not repeated due to Easter programmes
Episode 3997 (8th April 1996)10th April 2.50pm
Episode 3998 (10th April 1996)12th April 2.50pm
Episode 3999 (12th April 1996)15th April 2.50pm
Episode 4000 (15th April 1996)17th April 2.50pm
Episode 4001 (17th April 1996)19th April 2.50pm
Episode 4002 (19th April 1996)22nd April 2.50pm
Episode 4003 (22nd April 1996)24th April 2.50pm
Episode 4004 (24th April 1996)26th April 2.50pm
Episode 4005 (26th April 1996)Not repeated
Episode 4006 (29th April 1996)30th April 12.45am
Episode 4007 (1st May 1996)2nd May 12.50am
Episode 4008 (3rd May 1996)4th May 2.10am
Episode 4009 (6th May 1996)7th May 1.30am
Episode 4010 (8th May 1996)9th May 12.45am
Episode 4011 (10th May 1996)11th May 1.50am
Episode 4012 (13th May 1996)14th May 1.20am
Episode 4013 (15th May 1996)16th May 12.40am
Episode 4014 (17th May 1996)18th May 1.55am
Episode 4015 (20th May 1996)21st May 1.20am
Episode 4016 (22nd May 1996)23rd May 12.10am
Episode 4017 (24th May 1996)25th May 1.55am
Episode 4018 (27th May 1996)28th May 1.15am
Episode 4019 (29th May 1996)30th May 1.40am
Episode 4020 (31st May 1996)1st June 2.50am
Episode 4021 (3rd June 1996)4th June 1.20am
Episode 4022 (5th June 1996)6th June 1.10am
Episode 4023 (7th June 1996)8th June 2.50am
Episode 4024 (10th June 1996)11th June 12.35am
Episode 4025 (12th June 1996)13th June 12.55am
Episode 4026 (14th June 1996)15th June 3.05am
Episode 4027 (17th June 1996)18th June 1.20am
Episode 4028 (19th June 1996)20th June 12.40am
Episode 4029 (21st June 1996)22nd June 1.30am
Episode 4030 (24th June 1996)25th June 2.25am
Episode 4031 (26th June 1996)27th June 12.30am
Episode 4032 (28th June 1996)29th June 1.40am
Episode 4033 (1st July 1996)2nd July 1.15am
Episode 4034 (3rd July 1996)4th July 4.15am
Episode 4035 (5th July 1996)6th July 3.20am
Episode 4036 (8th July 1996)9th July 1.35am
Episode 4037 (10th July 1996)11th July 2.30am
Episode 4038 (12th July 1996)13th July 3.35am
Episode 4039 (15th July 1996)16th July 1.55am
Episode 4040 (17th July 1996)18th July 3.10am
Episode 4041 (19th July 1996)20th July 2.20am
Episode 4042 (22nd July 1996)23rd July 1.35am
Episode 4043 (24th July 1996)25th July 1.50am
Episode 4044 (26th July 1996)27th July 3.00am
Episode 4045 (29th July 1996)30th July 1.50am
Episode 4046 (31st July 1996)1st August 3.35am
Episode 4047 (2nd August 1996)3rd August 3.55am
Episode 4048 (5th August 1996)6th August 1.15am
Episode 4049 (7th August 1996)8th August 1.35am
Episode 4050 (9th August 1996)10th August 2.30am
Episode 4051 (12th August 1996)13th August 1.30am
Episode 4052 (14th August 1996)15th August 1.55am
Episode 4053 (16th August 1996)17th August 2.10am
Episode 4054 (19th August 1996)20th August 1.30am
Episode 4055 (21st August 1996)22nd August 2.25am
Episode 4056 (23rd August 1996)24th August 3.35am
Episode 4057 (26th August 1996)27th August 2.50am
Episode 4058 (28th August 1996)29th August 1.30am
Episode 4059 (30th August 1996)2nd September 2.50pm
Episode 4060 (2nd September 1996)4th September 2.50pm
Episode 4061 (4th September 1996)6th September 2.50pm
Episode 4062 (6th September 1996)9th September 2.50pm
Episode 4063 (9th September 1996)11th September 2.50pm
Episode 4064 (11th September 1996)13th September 2.50pm
Episode 4065 (13th September 1996)16th September 2.50pm
Episode 4066 (16th September 1996)18th September 2.50pm
Episode 4067 (18th September 1996)20th September 2.50pm
Episode 4068 (20th September 1996)23rd September 2.50pm
Episode 4069 (23rd September 1996)25th September 2.50pm
Episode 4070 (25th September 1996)27th September 2.50pm
Episode 4071 (27th September 1996)30th September 2.50pm
Episode 4072 (30th September 1996)2nd October 2.50pm
Episode 4073 (2nd October 1996)4th October 2.50pm
Episode 4074 (4th October 1996)7th October 2.50pm
Episode 4075 (7th October 1996)9th October 2.50pm
Episode 4076 (9th October 1996)11th October 2.50pm
Episode 4077 (11th October 1996)14th October 2.50pm
Episode 4078 (14th October 1996)16th October 2.50pm
Episode 4079 (16th October 1996)18th October 2.50pm
Episode 4080 (18th October 1996)21st October 2.50pm
Episode 4081 (21st October 1996)23rd October 2.50pm
Episode 4082 (23rd October 1996)25th October 2.50pm
Episode 4083 (25th October 1996)28th October 2.50pm
Episode 4084 (28th October 1996)30th October 2.50pm
Episode 4085 (30th October 1996)1st November 2.50pm
Episode 4086 (1st November 1996)4th November 2.50pm
Episode 4087 (4th November 1996)6th November 2.50pm
Episode 4088 (6th November 1996)8th November 2.50pm
Episode 4089 (8th November 1996)11th November 2.50pm
Episode 4090 (11th November 1996)13th November 2.50pm
Episode 4091 (13th November 1996)15th November 2.20pm
Episode 4092 (15th November 1996)18th November 2.50pm
Episode 4093 (18th November 1996)20th November 2.50pm
Episode 4094 (20th November 1996)22nd November 2.50pm
Episode 4095 (22nd November 1996)24th November 3.05am
Episode 4096 (24th November 1996)25th November 2.50pm
Episode 4097 (25th November 1996)27th November 2.50pm
Episode 4098 (27th November 1996)29th November 2.50pm
Episode 4099 (29th November 1996)1st December 3.00am
Episode 4100 (1st December 1996)2nd December 2.50pm
Episode 4101 (2nd December 1996)4th December 2.50pm
Episode 4102 (4th December 1996)6th December 2.50pm
Episode 4103 (6th December 1996)8th December 2.35am
Episode 4104 (8th December 1996)9th December 2.50pm
Episode 4105 (9th December 1996)11th December 2.50pm
Episode 4106 (11th December 1996)13th December 2.50pm
Episode 4107 (13th December 1996)15th December 2.45am
Episode 4108 (15th December 1996)16th December 2.50pm
Episode 4109 (16th December 1996)Not repeated - Scottish Question Time from Westminster was transmitted in its place.
Episode 4110 (18th December 1996)20th December 2.50pm
Episode 4111 (20th December 1996)22nd December 2.55am
Episode 4112 (22nd December 1996)23rd December 4.20am
Episode 4113 (23rd December 1996)24th December 3.05am
Episode 4114 (25th December 1996)27th December 4.15am
Episode 4115 (27th December 1996)28th December 4.55am
Episode 4116 (29th December 1996)30th December 4.55am
Episode 4117 (30th December 1996)31st December 5.00am
Omnibus repeats (Scottish Television)

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