Orlessa Altass appeared on Coronation Street in two minor police officer roles: firstly in July 2004 as DC Lee, who informed the Baldwins that Frankie Baldwin's former lover Vinny Evans had been viciously assaulted and subsequently arrested Frankie's stepson Jamie for the attack; and returned to the programme as DS Grant, one of the officers investigating the murder of businessman Frank Foster in March 2012 (as DC Grant), and an attempted robbery at Nick's Bistro in January 2016.

Born in Jamaica, she came to London at the age of seven and started acting at the age of fifteen, later graduating from Middlesex University with a BA in Performing Arts.

Other TV and film credits include roles in South West 9, The Bill, Murder Prevention, Bad Girls, EastEnders, Doctors, Law & Order: UK, Emmerdale, Casualty, Luther and What Remains.

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