Oscar Fyffe was a man who presented himself in Nick's Bistro one day and asked to speak to chef Robert Preston. He found himself unable to get past owner Nick Tilsley who demanded to know his business and was told by the flamboyant Oscar that he was opening up a rival establishment and wanted to employ the best staff for it. Making it clear that he didn't view the bistro as proper competition and making the "boast" that they were hoping to get Steve Brookstein for the opening, Oscar left his number with Nick and left. A bemused Nick tore the piece of paper up.

Someone who knew about the visit was assistant chef Zeedan Nazir who let slip the fact to Robert. He was livid that Nick had spoiled his chances of advancement, particularly as his request to buy a share of the business from him had been rejected. Robert was, at the time, estranged from girlfriend Tracy Barlow and she later revealed that Oscar was an old friend of Deirdre Barlow's and an amateur dramatics enthusiast who had carried out the visit as a favour to her. He wasn't annoyed at the deception, indeed it reunited the pair.