Our Kelly
Our Kelly
Occupation Drag artist
First appearance 11th September 2009
Number of appearances 1
Played by Dave Lynn

Our Kelly was a drag artist who compered at the Mr Gay Weatherfield contest which was held at the Feather Lounge in September 2009.

In regular attendance at Weatherfield Health & Fitness for a short period of time, Coronation Street residents Sean Tully and Jason Grimshaw befriended gym member Leon. However, Sean's plans to make a move on Leon were thwarted when he became smitten with an unsuspecting (hetrosexual) Jason and enlisted him to play in a gay football team.

Sean caught up with the team who were out drinking at the club following a match and told an unbelieving Leon that Jason was in fact straight, confessing that it had all been a plan for Sean to snare him. Leon decided to "out" a drunken Jason and entered him into the competition - winning first prize. Later that month however, at Jason and Tina McIntyre's flat-warming party at 12 Coronation Street, Leon turned up and revealed that he had been disqualified from the contest and accused him of being homophobic.

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