Born 2007
Died 29th September 2016
First appearance 28th October 2007
Last appearance 29th September 2016
Duration 2007-2016

Ozzy was the pet dog of Maria Connor who she bought for her boyfriend and future husband Liam.

In 2008, he went missing when Liam and Maria were at the Lake District and Liam slipped and fell into a gorge while trying to look for the dog. Ozzy provided a source of comfort for Maria when Liam was killed in October 2008 in a hit-and-run accident which had been arranged by Tony Gordon. She also took him to the funeral.

Ozzy stayed with Maria's brother Kirk Sutherland when she moved to Ireland to stay with Liam's parents after Tony had been exposed and arrested for the murder. However, Maria eventually returned, and Ozzy went back home with her.

During her stay with Maria in August 2013, Audrey Roberts had mistaken Ozzy for a giant rat.

Ozzy was diagnosed with terminal cancer in September 2016. In his final hours, a vet was called out to the flat and Ozzy was put to sleep on 29th September, cradled by Maria and Kirk, who were supported by Maria's temporary flatmate Caz Hammond and Beth Sutherland.

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