P.C. Jones
Occupation Police Constable
First appearance 6th September 1971
Last appearance 25th October 1971
Number of appearances 3
Played by Roy Maxwell

P.C. Jones called at the Rovers in September 1971 to break the news to Annie Walker that Lucille Hewitt was in hospital after a knock on the head. Annie later found out that Lucille had been mugged while on her way to the bank with the takings from Dave Smith's Betting Shop and Det Insp Bill Sharp was in charge of the actual investigation.

A month later, he arrested Jerry Booth on suspicion of assaulting Jim Stoker. As Jerry waited for his court appearance, the officer told Len Fairclough that they were cracking down on assault cases and the worst Jerry could expect was a £400 or six months in prison. While in court, the officer was consulted by Roy Birch who asked if he'd seen his dad, who was supposed to meet Frank there to support him before his appearance before the magistrates. The officer hadn't seen anyone fitting the man's description.

The PC was tall and thin, and had a moustache.

Credited as "P.C. 243" in his first appearance and "Policeman" in his second, his surname was given in Episode 1125 (27th October 1971) although he didn't appear in person.

List of appearancesEdit


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