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PC Russell
PC Russell
Occupation Police Officer
First appearance 2nd May 1966
Last appearance 4th May 1966
Number of appearances 2
Played by William Holmes

PC Russell was sent to Pick-a-Snip Supermarket when manager Mr. Snape apprehended Ena Sharples when she tried to leave the store having not paid for two tins of salmon at the store in May 1966. Russell conducted the affair in a professional manner, neither agreeing nor disagreeing with Ena's complaints that Snape was making an example of her in a crackdown on shoplifting. After taking Ena's statement, Russell drove her and Minnie Caldwell home to 5 Coronation Street where he searched her bedroom and the Mission.

He appeared in court with her the following day. Ken Barlow was also there and he tried to get Russell to give him his opinion as to what Ena's chances were but he refused to be drawn. Ken got into a debate with him about the morality of supermarkets enticing people with their goods but Russell refused to be drawn on the matter. Ena was fined 40/- and given an absolute discharge.

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