P.C. White
P.C White
First appearance 30th July 1980
Last appearance 6th August 1980
Number of appearances 2
Played by Martin Fisk

P.C. White attended the scene of the accident in a country lane where Renee Roberts was fatally injured in July 1980 when the car she was driving was rammed by a speeding lorry. He and a Police Sergeant smelled alcohol on the breath of husband Alf. P.C. White was told to investigate the matter and turned up at the hospital to take a breath test. Alf refused until he was told that they were still examining his wife and he would have to wait. White then administered the initial test by asking him to blow into a breathalyser and this showed positive. He waited with Alf while they operated on Renee who was soon pronounced dead. Alf then gave a blood test. The next morning P.C. White called on Alf to ask him about the details of the accident and he was the first to tell the residents of Renee’s death. He then called again at the Corner Shop on the day of the funeral to inform Alf that the blood test was negative and therefore there would be no prosecution.

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