PC (Episode 7293)
Occupation Police Constable
First appearance 12th March 2010
Number of appearances 1
Played by James Sarsfield

The unnamed PC of the Lancashire Constabulary was drafted in to help with the search for six-year-old Simon Barlow, who went missing in March 2010. Under the temporary custody of maternal grandfather George Wilson and his wife Eve, the couple had taken the child to Blackpool for a few days and, upon overhearing George explaining that they wouldn't be returning to Weatherfield, Simon managed to slip away from them unnoticed.

Hearing the news of his son's disappearance from a guilt-stricken Eve, Peter Barlow and his partner Leanne Battersby immediately drove to Blackpool in order to help with the search and assist the police.

The officer was in the middle of explaining to George and Eve that several officers were already out looking for Simon when Peter and Leanne arrived and although angry with them for taking the child away without his knowledge, Peter reigned in his temper and told the officer that he could provide recent photographs, as the officer again informed them that everything would be done to locate the missing youngster.

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