PC Basson
PC Basson
Occupation Police Officer
First appearance 18th September 2002
Last appearance 23rd September 2002
Number of appearances 3
Played by Mike Keogh

The rivalry between Dev Alahan and Joe Carter for the hand of Geena Gregory erupted into violence when Dev let slip to her that Joe was breaking into his cousin's warehouse when he supposedly couldn't see her because he had a stomach bug. She finished with him and a fight broke out both inside and on the pavement in front of the Rovers between the two men in which Dev was the loser. Dev reported Joe to the police for assault and he was arrested by PC Basson. He also interviewed Geena about who threw the first punch and she confirmed it was Joe but, as he was on licenced release from Strangeways Jail, he played on her former love for him and made her feel guilty that her testimony could send him back inside. She begged Dev to drop the charges and he agreed - so long as she dropped Joe at the same time. Joe told her to act as if she had but when Dev realised he'd been conned, he dropped the charges anyway, theorising that if Joe went back to prison, that would split the two of them up whereas a deceiver like her deserved a crook like Carter.

List of appearancesEdit


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