PC Bathurst was first called to Coronation Street in January 1995 when Mike Baldwin, the new owner of No.1, reported the property's furniture stolen. Mike knew that the furniture had been removed by the house's former occupant Ken Barlow, who regarded the items as his. When Mike refused to let Ken take the furniture which had belonged to him and his family for decades, Emily Bishop gave Ken the spare key to the house so that he could remove it himself. PC Bathurst turned out to be an ex-pupil of Ken's from Weatherfield Comprehensive and was sympathetic to his cause, asking Mike to settle the matter amicably. However, Mike insisted that Ken should be charged. Ken was taken to the police station to give a statement but released without charge.

In August of that year, Bathurst and his colleague PC Turner turned up at 5 Crimea Street after a report from Deirdre Rachid that someone was trying to break in to Tricia Armstrong's flat. The culprit turned out to be none other than Tricia's son Jamie, who'd gained access to the property through the sash window as Tricia was out for the evening and he'd got bored staying at his friend's house. While Deirdre apologised profusely for wasting the officers' time, an urgent call came over the radio and they were then despatched to the Red Rec following a tip-off that the Weatherfield flasher had been sighted. Bathurst and Turner apprehended Derek Wilton, who was hiding in the bushes in the hope of capturing the kidnapper of his missing garden gnome, Arthur. The officers questioned Derek, and his wife Mavis arrived to corroborate his story. The constables accompanied the Wiltons home, where they were amused to read Arthur's supposed ransom note. Recognising Derek's innocence, Bathurst and Turner left without taking any action.

Bathurst returned for the final time in January 1996, in search of Tricia Armstrong, who had been sentenced to a week in Styal Prison for non-payment of her television licence. Bumping into his old teacher Ken Barlow, Bathurst explained that if Tricia was not found soon, her sentence would be extended. Ken duly fetched Tricia from the Rovers Return, and Bathurst took her away, with Tricia spitting insults at Ken for betraying her.

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