PC Bowman
PC Bowman
Occupation Police officer
First appearance 2nd October 1996
Number of appearances 1
Played by Eric Coudrill

PC Bowman and his colleague WPC Burrows arrived at 5 Crimea Street in early October 1996 to speak to Tricia Armstrong after she had been assaulted by her abusive husband Carl.

During a visit to Strangeways Jail a few days earlier, Tricia told him that she wanted to finish with him but he ultimately snapped when he learned that she was pregnant with another man's child. Although the prison wardens were quick to restrain Carl, Tricia ended up with a black eye.

The officers were let into the property by tenant Deirdre Rachid, who then called at Tricia's flat and tried to persuade her to press charges. Despite the police telling her that there were witnesses to the attack and Carl's sentence would be lengthened as a result of his actions, a visibly upset Tricia was adamant that she just wanted Carl out of her life and asked the officers to leave.

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