PC Browning
PC Browning
Occupation Police Officer
First appearance 24th November 2003
Number of appearances 1
Played by Morgan George

In November 2003 Jim McDonald summoned son Steve to visit him in Holmes Gate Prison where he was serving an eight-year sentence for the manslaughter of Jez Quigley. Jim had heard from a friend that wife Liz, who was working as a barmaid in The Black Dog pub in Blackpool, and its landlord, Laurie Dyson, were an item. He asked Steve to go to the resort and find out if his information was correct.

Steve went as requested and found that there was some truth in the rumours. Jim, consumed with jealousy, escaped from prison and got Steve to take him to Blackpool to see Liz. Arrangements were made to meet from prying eyes in a caravan owned by Fred Elliott and Laurie, hearing on the radio of Jim's escape, became suspicious of Liz's movements. He followed her to the caravan and reported who he saw there to the police. Bet Lynch, in Blackpool for a Newton & Ridley bash and in full knowledge of what was transpiring between the McDonalds, heard from Fred that his son Ashley Peacock and his child's nanny Claire Casey were on their way to stay in the caravan and managed to get Jim away before the police cars arrived. Fred was the first one on the scene afterwards and met PC Browning and his fellow officers. Fred confirmed that up until now no one had been staying in the caravan and he hadn't been the one to call the police about an escaped convict (although the name Jim McDonald wasn't mentioned). The police gave up their fruitless search and left.

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