PC Edwards
PC Edwards
Occupation Police Officer
First appearance 27th November 2013
Number of appearances 1
Played by Mouna Albakry

PC Edwards interviewed Faye Windass about an assault on Simon Barlow in November 2013.

Faye had become friends with schoolgirl Grace Piper in the autumn of 2013 and almost immediately she began to have a negative influence on her. Events reached a head when she pushed Faye into assaulting ten year-old Simon while recording the incident on her mobile phone. The footage made its way round Weatherfield High and Bessie Street School where head Brian Packham alerted the police.

Both families were summoned to Weatherfield Police Station to discuss the matter where the Pipers were seen first. As PC Edwards called Faye in, Anna went with her in the role of a responsible adult and told Faye to tell the truth. Edwards asked Faye how long she had known Simon and about her friendship with Grace. Faye was almost mute to begin with but became more vocal when she became concerned that Grace had intimated that she was at fault. She told them that Grace had been present but nevertheless confessed to the assault, telling Edwards that Grace had threatened her with being sent to Coventry at school and had made her carry out the act, saying that she was scared of the girl herself. She offered a full apology for her actions.

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