PC King (Episode 3830)
PC King
Occupation Police constable
First appearance 15th March 1995
Number of appearances 1
Played by Conor Ryan

PC King arrived at Skinner's Bookies in order to question owner Sean Skinner over allegations of assault and robbery on the evening of 4th March, 1995. After establishing that the allegations had been made by Steve McDonald, Sean explained to the officer that he'd been at the dogs that evening and upon seeing Steve there also (and looking quite flush), asked him to pay back some of his gambling debts that were owed. Sean told the officer that Steve had willingly handed over £790 to him that evening.

However, when PC King asked if he would be willing to make a statement to that effect at the police station, Sean refused and told the officer that he'd already explained what had happened, PC King arrested him on suspicion of robbery.

After spending two hours at the police station, Sean was subsequently released whilst police continued with their lines of inquiry.

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