PC Leach
PC Leach
Occupation Police Officer
First appearance 1st October 1984
Last appearance 8th October 1984
Number of appearances 2
Played by Anthony Schaeffer

PC Leach was a bobby on the beat who one night in October 1984 saw Jack and Vera Duckworth in the company of Ivy Tilsley come out of the Little Dolphin restaurant after a meal to celebrate the ladies' bingo win of £500. Jack had collected them in his taxi, having already had some pints in the Rovers, and persuaded them to take him out for a meal to celebrate. Leach watched as the raucous threesome got in the car afterwards, with Jack fumbling and dropping his keys. He breathalysed Jack and issued a summons for court.

After his appearance in the dock, Jack and Vera found they were about to get a ticket from a Parking Warden and Jack blagged that he was a bailiff. Unfortunately, Leach was again on the scene having just witnessed Jack getting a driving ban and warned him sternly against driving his car. Realising she had been lied to, the warden issued him with a ticket.

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