PC Lyle had three interactions with the residents of Coronation Street: in January 1975, he was on duty at Weatherfield Police Station where he guarded Len Fairclough in the interview room after he had been arrested for the murder of Lynn Johnson. He later fetched Annie Walker from the Rovers to take her to the Community Centre where a temporary police unit had been set up in order that they could question her as to what she knew of events. Back at the police station he stopped Bet Lynch who was wandered the corridors having slipped past the reception desk in an effort to see Len and make sure that he was alright.

In October of the same year, he was on hand when emergency crews rushed to the street when a major fire broke out at the Mark Brittain Warehouse. He was present when the body of Edna Gee was found and taken away. Later, he informed Len that the Rovers cellar was flooded and that the fire brigade were going to pump it out.

In February 1980 he and colleague WPC Kathy Lane interviewed Mavis Riley when she reported getting nuisance phone calls. Lyle found the matter somewhat amusing but Lane proved a more sympathetic audience to Mavis's concerns and suggested that she try to lead the man on in an entrapment routine. Mavis’s nerves got the better of her but Kathy won her round by saying that the man sounded like a beginner at the game but as he got bolder, some other women could really suffer in the future. She calmed Mavis by saying that she and PC Lyle would be nearby and prompted Mavis to doll herself up for her “date”. She escorted Mavis to the Queens Shopping Precinct but no one turned up to meet her. The next day, Lyle checked on Mavis to see if she had received any more calls but from his tone made it clear that he suspected her of wasting police time.

The next night, following another phone call, Mavis and the police went back there, only to arrest an unfortunate Eddie Yeats who had been ambling through the precinct and, seeing Mavis, stopped for a chat. Lane, Lyle and their colleagues nabbed Eddie and took him to the police station. Mavis followed on and persuaded them of Eddie’s innocence in the matter. Mavis's caller rang her again and told her he saw the police arrest Eddie, that she'd disappointed him and he wouldn't ring again.

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