PC Mullen
PC Mullen
Occupation Police Constable
First appearance 12th February 2010
Number of appearances 1
Played by Paul Barnhill

Following the "disappearance" of Joe McIntyre in February 2010, distraught wife Gail enlisted the help of son David, who had caught a train up to the Lake District after he had sensed the urgency of her telephone call.

Admitting that Joe had suggested faking his own death in order for her to cash in his recently approved life insurance policy, and both under the impression that Joe's "plan" had been put into action following a sweep of Lake Windermere in a motorboat, the pair were busily packing up belongs and loading the car when PC Mullen pulled up to the cottage in his patrol car.

Gail explained to the officer that she and her husband had been holidaying there for a few days, but with him having to leave early due to work commitments, she had requested her son's help. The officer then began making inquiries about the motorboat - which had been stolen from a jetty further along the headway during the previous afternoon. With mother and son both denying any knowledge of seeing the vessel - or anyone else acting suspiciously - Gail informed the officer that they would be leaving the area that day and wouldn't be in the position to be of any more assistance.

Satisfied with the concocted story, the constable began to walk back to his vehicle, only to promptly return - informing David that it would take him all day to unhitch the tow-bar from their car, as he had failed to release the safety catch.

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