Pc nailor
Occupation Police constable
First appearance 16th May 1990
Last appearance 18th May 1990
Number of appearances 2
Played by Phil Hearne

PC Nailor was out on patrol when he came across Jack and Vera Duckworth speeding on Jim McDonald's motorbike. Jim let them take the bike out for a spin out of sympathy to Jack, who had originally bought the run-down bike and only sold it to Jim due to Vera nagging him about the mess. After signalling them to pull over, Nailor learned that the bike wasn't taxed, insured or MOT'd. The Duckworths were forced to wheel the bike back to Coronation Street, with Nailor leading the way in his police car.

The next day, Nailor paid a visit to 11 Coronation Street to inform Jack and the McDonalds that they were being let off with a caution. Nailor criticised Jim for the example he was setting to Andy and Steve and promised to throw the book at them next time. His sermon having convinced Liz that the bike was more trouble than it was worth, Nailor asked Jim to see it, revealing himself to be a motorcycle enthusiast who once owned an old Norton Dominator 500cc. Nailor bought the bike for £800, earning Jim a profit of £650 and rubbing more salt in the wound for Jack.

Phil Hearne also played the part of Detective Sergeant Mallory two years later.

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