PC Rawani and his colleague PC Gran were called out in August 2016 through an "anonymous tip-off" to investigate whether Robert Preston had been driving under the influence of alcohol. Taking particular interest in the proceedings were Craig Tinker, who had just returned from attending a Special Constable Information Day, and Nick Tilsley, who reported Robert for the alleged offence. After failing a roadside breathalyser test outside Nick's Bistro in Viaduct Street, Robert was arrested and taken to Weatherfield Police Station where he was issued with a fine and a twelve-month driving ban.

In December of the same year, Rawani was paired with PC Mills and the two officers began questioning residents following a brutal attack on Pat Phelan who was discovered lying unconscious and barely breathing by Steph Britton as she returned home from work. Having summoned her boyfriend Andy Carver to phone for an ambulance, Phelan was rushed to Weatherfield General where his condition quickly stabilised but many residents informed the officers that Kevin Webster had an altercation with Phelan around the same time during that day and the finger of suspicion quickly pointed to the mechanic. In reality, it was Andy himself who'd attacked Phelan in revenge for his part in Michael Rodwell's fatal heart attack which occurred during the previous month.

In February 2017 he arrested tanning salon owner Nathan Curtis for the abduction of teenager Annabel Adams on or about 15th December the previous year after the girl was seen getting into a car with him shortly before he disappeared. Nathan was part of a grooming gang and was setting up Bethany Platt as his next victim. She was present at the arrest and as shaken by the incident however her trust in him was redoubled after Annabel was found safe and sound with friends in Tenerife and, as a result, fell even more into his clutches.

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