PC Reid
PC Reid
Occupation Police constable
First appearance 18th December 2006
Last appearance 20th December 2006
Number of appearances 2
Played by Diane Beck

When Danny Baldwin disappeared in December 2006, he had discovered that his second wife, Frankie was having an affair with Jamie, the son from his first marriage. After several weeks without anyone seeing him, people started to grow alarmed, none more so than Viv Baldwin, his mother. When she found out about the affair, she informed the police and PC Reid visited Roy's Rolls with her colleague officer George Coulter to interview Frankie, suspicious that Jamie was behind his father's disappearance. With no evidence to pursue the matter further, the case was dropped. Frankie and Jamie split up and Danny contacted Jamie by phone on New Year's Eve to make hit clear he was still alive and to gloat over the split.

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