PC Stanlow investigated two matters concerning residents of Coronation Street and its environs in 2014.

The first was when Roy Cropper disappeared following the funeral of his wife Hayley, leaving a note saying that he was going to stay with his mother Sylvia Goodwin. After several problems at the cafe, Fiz Stape tried to contact him through his Aunty Jean only to find that she hadn't seen Roy for six months and Sylvia was in Tenerife. Fiz, Tyrone Dobbs and Anna Windass contacted the police and Stanlow came to the cafe with a colleague but they initially needed convincing that Roy's behaviour was worrying. During questioning, Stanlow picked up on a comment of Fiz's that all Roy had left was guilt and asked what about. Knowing that she had almost dropped Roy in it for assisting Hayley in her suicide, Fiz managed a convincing answer that it was guilt over being the one left behind after her battle with cancer. They searched his flat and found his passport showing that he hadn't left the country and they started to compile a missing persons' report, admitting that because he had been missing over a week that in itself was worrying.

A week later she returned with something that raised the levels of concern - Roy's bag had been found in the canal in Castlefield. She also had CCTV footage of Roy walking by the canal bank. Considering the background, the police were considering Roy to be a high-risk case and they were considering searching the canal itself. Roy turned up two days later, having been staying in a B&B near to the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester and not realising the upset he had caused.

At the end of March PC Stanlow brought photographs of known suspects round to 8 Coronation Street for Gail McIntyre and Kylie Platt to identify an intruder who had broken into the house. From these Gail identified Michael Rodwell who was subsequently caught, arrested and imprisoned for the offence.

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