PC Thompson
Occupation Police officer
First appearance 8th August 1973
Number of appearances 1
Played by Derek Etchells

PC Thompson was ordered by Sgt Daniels to call at 11 Coronation Street and inform Alan that his missing wife Elsie was in a London hospital after being hit by a car in 1973.

As Thompson had finished his duties for the day, the foremost thing on his mind was finding a boozer to relax in. Knowing his colleague all too well, as he gave the constable his instructions Sgt Daniels suggested that he go into the Rovers Return on the way home. His best laid plains went awry when, having told Alan that Elsie was in hospital but unable to say how seriously injured she was, he announced his intention to look in on the Rovers, only to be told by Len Fairclough that the pub had shut five minutes earlier. Worried about his wife's condition, Alan offered to buy the constable all the drink he could sup when things were sorted out - an offer Thompson said he might hold him to.

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