PC Warner
PC Warner
Occupation Police constable
First appearance 12th February 2001
Number of appearances 1
Played by Mark Prentice

PC Warner spoke to the relatives of Susan and Adam Barlow shortly after their arrival at Preston General Hospital following the crash which claimed the life of Susan and caused injury to her son in February 2001.

With Ken Barlow, son Peter and partner Deirdre Rachid along with Mike and Linda Baldwin all anxiously awaiting news, PC Warner recounted that Susan's car had apparently crashed into a fence around four miles from Junction 32 of the M6 and that the incident was reported by a passing motorist at approximately 3.15pm that afternoon. Allaying Ken's fears that his daughter and grandson may have been left unaided for a while, the officer explained that it was a busy stretch of road and it was unlikely that their car would have been there long without being noticed. He also stressed that the scene of the incident was being examined thoroughly.

Before the family members were allowed into the ward to see Adam, Warner tactfully requested that someone make a formal identification of Susan's body.

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