PC West (2007)
PC West
Occupation Police officer
First appearance 6th April 2007
Number of appearances 1
Played by Gemma Langford

PC West was one of the police officers who accompanied immigration officer Niamh McQuillan to Underworld in April 2007 following a tip-off regarding illegal workers at the factory. Wiki Dankowska, one of the Polish employees, tried to slip away unnoticed through a fire exit but she was stopped outside by PC West who ordered her back inside the factory for questioning. A concerned Wiki told the officer that her passport was at home. However it was proven that she and fellow Polish worker Kasia Barowicz had the right to work in the country. It transpired that Janice Battersby was the whistle-blower as she resented Wiki and Kasia chatting in Polish and was convinced that the rest of the workforce would be priced out of jobs because they were working for less pay. Janice's friend Joanne Jackson was next to be interviewed by the immigration officer, and although she had a valid National Insurance number, Joanne eventually admitted that she didn't have a passport as she was born in Liberia and bought to the United Kingdom as a child by her aunt - following the death of her parents. Joanne was promptly arrested and taken away by the police.

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