When Chesney Brown was caught shoplifting in The Kabin by Rita Sullivan in January 2004, she gave him a quick clip round the ear. He then tried to make a quick getaway and banged his head in the attempt. Rapacious mother Cilla Brown saw this as an opportunity to make some money from Rita by claiming compensation for the "injuries" her son had endured following this assault.

The first stage was to get Chesney checked in hospital where nothing untoward was found except superficial cuts and bruises but nevertheless the consultation was lodged on record. After phoning Chesney's school to tell him that he was being kept off sick due to a "serious assault", Cilla then took her child to the police station where she reported the matter to PC Worthington at the front desk. Chesney played to the gallery, claiming he felt faint and Cilla told him to sit with his "Uncle Les" while she gave the policeman all the details about what had happened to the "poor little mite". Accompanied by a WPC, Worthington then went to The Kabin where he took Rita in for questioning. Rita was accompanied by her solicitor Leah Mirrelson when Worthington interviewed her and she robustly defended her behaviour. He then passed the matter on to his Sergeant who charged her with assault causing actual bodily harm on a minor and bailed her to appear at Weatherfield Magistrates Court in two days time.