Paddy Conran was the potential purchaser of Elsie Tanner's unwanted Jaguar car in July 1968. Elsie's nephew, Gary Bailey, had purchased the vehicle with £200 borrowed from her but she was unable to drive and it brought her nothing but trouble. Paddy came round to 11 Coronation Street to view the vehicle. Elsie described it as being as solid as the Rock of Gibraltar, the engine "sings to yer" and the chassis as being like a battleship. Paddy insisted on taking it for a test drive and Elsie agreed that up and down Rosamund Street a couple of times would be a good idea. Paddy had somewhere further in mind and she insisted on going with him. Several hours later in the Rovers, she recounted how Paddy had driven her to Warrington and then went off for an hour with the ignition key. Len Fairclough recognised the description of the man and Annie Walker praised him as a dutiful son who visited his aged mother every Monday without Warrington. Elsie realised she'd been well and truly conned.