Padre QE2
Occupation QE2 Padre
First appearance Coronation Street - The Feature Length Special (1995)
Played by Berwick Kaler

The Padre conducted daily services to an almost empty congregation aboard the QE2. Alec Gilroy conned him into taking Curly Watts on as a fellow cabin member when he was unable to put him and his new wife Raquel in his boss's cabin when the aptly-named Mrs Bligh turned up unexpectedly. Nevertheless, the Padre provided a listening ear to Curly's problems with his recently-conducted marriage although he made Curly think hard when he asked him if Raquel was pregnant (by Des Barnes). He confessed to Curly that he was useless as a priest - visits to bereaved families led to them rowing with each other while sick people invariably died soon afterwards. Curly comforted him by agreeing to pray with him. Alec, in a rare attack of conscience, gave Curly and Raquel his cabin for the remainder of the voyage and himself shared with the Padre thereon in. The delighted priest happily remarried Curly and Raquel when they restated their vows in a religious service on board ship.

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