Paintball Instructor
Paintball Instructor
First appearance 13th October 2008
Last appearance 15th October 2008
Number of appearances 2
Played by Erin Shanagher

The unnamed Paintball Instructor who worked at the "Krazy Shot Paintballing Range" was responsible for both the safety and enjoyment of Tony Gordon and his stag party group comprising of Liam and Ryan Connor, Tom Kerrigan, Steve McDonald, Dev Alahan, Lloyd Mullaney, Jason Grimshaw and Kirk Sutherland. For the main game the party were split into two teams with Tony and Liam chosen by the instructor to be the team leaders.

As they all headed back to the assembly point when the main game was over, the instructor had set up "Hunt the stag" - a final game for the group. Tony and Liam were this time paired up against the rest of the stags. The instructor explained to Tony that the name of the game was "being able to trust his partner even more than he trusted his woman".

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