Pancho peters
Pancho Peters
Occupation Footballer
First appearance 1st December 1971
Number of appearances 1
Played by Kenneth Scott

Pancho Peters was a footballer with the Athletics and a friend of fellow player Eddie Duncan's. In December 1971, Pancho took Donna Baker to the Bonkers Club to meet up with Eddie and Irma Barlow. Pancho and Eddie talked about old times and old loves, including a time where Pancho was pulled over for speeding while Eddie was in the back seat with Inga from Doncaster. Eddie didn't like Pancho talking about his other women in front of Irma but Pancho's jibes were in good humour and he clearly cared about his friend as when alone Irma he warned her that she wasn't the right woman for Eddie if she was only interested in a good time.

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