The unnamed Paramedic attended the scene of the accident on the night in October 2010 that David Platt ran down Graeme Proctor on Victoria Street. While his colleague saw to Graeme, he examined David who claimed that he had blacked out and had no memory of the incident. Graeme recovered after an operation and David was charged with attempted murder but released when it was confirmed that he suffered from a rare form of epilepsy and had indeed suffered a blackout at the time that he was driving.

The paramedic later arrived at the scene along with a female colleague in September 2011 when Stella Price was hit by a car driven by Carla Connor who crashed into Barlow's Bookies.

The paramedic appeared again in May 2012 when he and a female colleague answered an emergency call to 11 Coronation Street. They tried to revive Lesley Kershaw - who had electrocuted herself whilst trying to make cheese on toast. She had dropped the plugged-in toaster into a bowl of water after she had been left on her own following her attack on Eileen Grimshaw.

After Karl Munro deliberately started a fire in the Rovers' cellar in March 2013, the paramedic was in attendance with several other emergency service colleagues to initially treat the casualties.

In October of the same year, he attended Hayley Cropper, then terminally ill with cancer, when she collapsed in No.9

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