The unnamed Paramedic attended Becky McDonald after she accidentally set fire to 15a Victoria Street on Christmas Day, 2011.

Earlier in the day, Becky witnessed former husband Steve propose to Tracy Barlow and heard him announce that he was intending to sell the Rovers in order to buy 13 Coronation Street for them. After having Christmas dinner at No.8 with the Platts, a devastated Becky eventually went back to her flat and continued drinking heavily whilst burning her and Steve's wedding photographs. She eventually fell asleep on the sofa in a drunken stupor as the fire in the wastepaper basket took hold.

Nick Tilsley and Hayley Cropper were the first to notice smoke through the windows of the flat above Street Cars and while Nick kicked down the door, went upstairs and carried an unconscious Becky outside, Hayley alerted the emergency services. As several firefighters entered the property to tackle the blaze, the paramedic initially confirmed that he'd found Becky's pulse and gave her primary treatment on the pavement before she was taken by ambulance to Weatherfield General.