The unnamed Paramedic was in attendance on two emergency events in 2014: the first was when Lloyd Mullaney collapsed while doing a 5K charity run on the Red Rec with chest pains. He questioned the patient who confirmed that he had never had the condition before and told his colleague to get him on to a stretcher with a dose of aspirin and GTN (Glyceryl Trinitrate). He told Lloyd to relax as best he could while he did so. The Doctor, Donna Harris, later confirmed that the swift arrival of the paramedics at the scene had improved his chances.

Three months later, Tyrone Dobbs fell through an unsafe ceiling at 9 Coronation Street when thin plasterboards had been unwittingly fitted by Jason Grimshaw who found the injured lad. Jason rang for an ambulance and the paramedic told Fiz Stape she could ride in the ambulance with them. Upon arrival at Weatherfield General he told the waiting casualty Nurse that Tyrone had head, chest and forearm injuries and was directed to put him into one of the cubicles.