Paramedic (Nicholas Camm)
First appearance 18th January 2008
Last appearance 10th December 2010
Number of appearances 6
Played by Nicholas Camm

The Paramedic was called out on four occasions to deal with incidents involving Street residents.

In January 2008, he was one of two paramedics who called at No.9 when Jack Duckworth had found Vera dead on the sofa. Eight months later in August, his patient was Jerry Morton when his ex-wife, Teresa Bryant, deliberately overdosed him on his medication.

In January 2009, Maria Connor tried to run over Tony Gordon when her suspicions that he had killed her husband Liam were at their most acute. She ended up injuring herself as well in the attempt when she veered slightly away at the last minute and crashed the car. The Paramedic treated her in the vehicle and Tony on the cobbles before they were both taken to Weatherfield General.

Tony Gordon was the patient again in October of the same year when he suffered a heart attack in the middle of the Street and was found by Roy Cropper. The Paramedic conducted an ECG in the ambulance and medicated him with aspirin.

Fourteen months later, Rita Sullivan was trapped under rubble in the The Kabin after being hit by a tram, derailed off a damaged viaduct following a gas explosion in The Joinery bar underneath it. As Rita had told everyone she was having a night out with Doreen Fenwick, no one knew she was inside the building and the rescue efforts were concentrated elsewhere. It was only when Nick Tilsley, himself trapped for some time inside The Joinery, managed to get out that her situation was revealed as he had been the only witness to Rita returning home. The emergency services buried their way through the building and pulled her out on a stretcher. The Paramedic assured her anxiously waiting friends that she was fine with only minor injuries and that he'd never met such a chatterbox.

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