The Paramedic attended to Jed Stone at 23 Nightingale Terrace after the pensioner collapsed in his hallway following an altercation with businessman Tony Gordon in August 2008. Tony had already successfully bought out several owners of the terraced properties and Jed remained determined not to be forced from his home of forty years. His tenacity angered Tony and he barged into the property, set on winning the frail man round with a final offer of £2,500 and a stressed Jed collapsed suffering a minor stroke. Only after arranging for Jason Grimshaw to board up the house did Tony call for an ambulance, and led the paramedics to believe that he was helping his "confused" tenant with the paperwork to enable him to move into sheltered accommodation. Jed spent a few months recuperating in Weatherfield General.

In March 2009 the Paramedic was one of the emergency workers who were deployed to Rosamund Street after a fire broke out at the Bookies flat. Owner Peter Barlow had fallen into a drunken sleep and dropped a lit cigarette on the living room carpet where it smouldered before a large fire broke out. Peter's five-year-old son Simon, who was woken up by the fumes initially raised the alarm to the fire brigade and to grandmother Deirdre. Panic ensued and before long, several residents of Coronation Street were stood outside whilst Tony Gordon and Luke Strong entered the burning building to rescue the occupants. After a quick assessment, a Fireman assisted the paramedics in getting Peter and Simon into an awaiting ambulance and the pair were rushed to Weatherfield General.