Paramedic Hudson Thomas
First appearance 7th April 2002
Last appearance 24th August 2003
Number of appearances 2
Played by Sam Hudson-Thomas

The unnamed Paramedic attended two incidents involving Street residents. The first was in April 2002 when Maxine Peacock went into premature labour brought on by the stress of being forced to confess her one-night stand with Matt Ramsden to husband Ashley. The ambulance took her to Weatherfield General where she was safely delivered of a baby boy.

In the second incident in August 2003, toddler Bethany Platt was electrocuted in the flat where she was living with mother Sarah Platt and her boyfriend Todd Grimshaw. Although she recovered quickly, she was taken to hospital by the Paramedic for observation. It was later discovered that she had touched a live wire under the skirting board and that this was due to a botched job by Tony Stewart when he illegally connected the electricity to the mains in Barlow's Bookies below.

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