The unnamed Paramedic was one of the emergency crews who were deployed to the Street in December 2010 when it was rocked by an explosion from The Joinery bar, followed by a derailed tram from the wrecked viaduct. One of the trapped people was Molly Dobbs, pinned underneath the wreckage of the Corner Shop with her baby Jack. Firefighter Paul was the first fireman to make his way through the rubble to the mother and son where he spoke words of comfort to her and rescued the baby from her, promising to be back with more men and equipment. The rescue crews were worried about her condition and the Paramedic injected fluids into her to try and stabilise her while they continued the rescue attempt. Sally Webster was allowed inside the wreckage to be with Molly and offer her comfort and the Paramedic told Sally to keep talking to her in order to try and keep her alert while they treated her. She stayed with the patient throughout the process of cutting away the rubble although their efforts proved in vain and the young girl bled to death.