Occupation Pastor
First appearance 20th August 2010
Last appearance 14th March 2011
Number of appearances 11
Played by Chris Grahamson

The Pastor led the choir that Sophie Webster and Sian Powers joined at Weatherfield Fellowship Church. The choir were not a traditional set-up and sang an eclectic repertoire, chivvied on by the pastor who wanted them to do well in the forthcoming heats of a competition. Sophie and Sian’s enthusiasm for the choir though came more from a desire to see each other more after Sally Webster had banned her daughter from seeing her lover, not knowing of their relationship and thinking that Sian was a bad influence on her.

Several months later, after Kevin and Sally had discovered and come to a grudging approval of their daughter’s relationship, the Pastor turned up at Sophie’s sixteenth birthday party with a present. The party had got out of hand and the two girls, drunk on cherry vodka, were kissing in full view of the partygoers. The Pastor walked out but turned up next day to try and persuade the girls that their relationship was sinful, reading them a passage from “Romans”. This led to a conflict of interest in the two girls’ minds but when they turned up for the next choir practice, the Pastor made it clear that he couldn’t condone their relationship and so they quit, accusing him of being a bigot.

In March 2011, a drunk Sophie went to see her old choir practising. She was very upset and the pastor tried to calm her, but she climbed onto the church roof. As she was about to climb down, she lost her balance and fell. The pastor then phoned for an ambulance. When he later visited her in Weatherfield General, he asked Sophie if she and Sian would like to return to the choir, and they accepted.

List of appearancesEdit



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